I T Y  Church of Jackson, Michigan
~ Abraham-Hicks ~ 
Mondays ~ 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Coordinators/Facilitators:  Mike & Lora Burtch
(Call Mike at 517/416-7086 for more information)
Quotes from the book, "Ask and It Is Given...Learning to Manifest Your Desires - By: Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham)

“There is no desire that anyone holds for any other reason than that they believe they will feel better in the achievement of it. Whether it is a material object, a physical state of being, a relationship, a condition, or a circumstance - at the heart of every desire is the desire to feel good. And so, the standard of success in life is not the things or the money - the standard of success is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.”

“Your life - and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned to them. You can literally script any life that you desire, and the Universe will deliver to you the people, places, and events just as you decide them to be. For you are the creator of your own experience-you have only to decide it and allow it to be.”

Esther and Jerry Hicks
Mike and Lora Burtch