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Unity Church of Jackson
December 27, 2020
Unity Church of Jackson
Sunday, December 27, 2020

We held a ZOOM town meeting to discuss the church’s current financial status, and to brainstorm ideas for next steps. The figures presented indicated that operating and maintaining the church building for the next year (through the end of 2021) would require an additional $10,800 above the current level of donations the church is receiving. Also, there is a need for more volunteer help in all areas of the church.

Several ideas emerged from this discussion:

A) Financial Campaign
A plan is now underway for a Financial Campaign to raise $15,000 above and beyond the current level of contributions. Although these designated funds will be used to pay the bills, we will track them separately from the regular giving so that we can celebrate the extra giving necessary to reach this goal. (As of this writing, $2,000 has been contributed to this “Campaign2021” fund.)

B) Renting Office Space in the Church Building
It was suggested that we consider renting office space within the church to outside businesses.
Considerations to be explored:
1.Legal and tax ramifications (need to talk to an experienced attorney about this).
2.Locating, cleaning and preparing actual office spaces
3.Heating/air conditioning and snow removal expenses during office hours.
4.Regular cleaning service (e.g., rest rooms and entrance areas)
5.Insurance coverage and liability.
6.Providing internet access to office spaces.
7.General oversight of building security and maintenance.

C) Selling Online
Another idea was to establish an online “marketplace” presence to sell unwanted items with the proceeds going to the church. One congregant offered to help others sell items online for this purpose. Another congregant had several items available to sell on behalf of the church and agreed to pursue this offer of help.

D) Cost Reduction Ideas
It was suggested that we create a team to explore ways to reduce costs, including
- Reduce heating expense
- Reduce internet expense
- Reduce snow removal expense

E) Supporting the Board of Directors
The church needs a larger volunteer team to help maintain the church presence.
-One congregant offered to help with the Website.
-LuAnne Champion (after the meeting) offered to call congregation members to maintain church connection with them.
-Invited the congregation to team with Sandra duMonde to create a campaign to raise money to maintain church building for another year.

F) Creating a Larger Church Presence, and Building Community 
There were suggestions for promoting the church presence in the community, including: 
1) Attracting and promoting 12-step programs that might meet in the building on a donation basis.
2) Opening the building to attract other groups and classes (e.g., a yoga class)
3) Create more Zoom meetings (under the church Zoom account) to create classes on various subjects and find ways to connect to the community.

G) Inviting More Personal Connection with the Congregation.
Two suggestions:
-Write a short note to “missing” congregation members and send it in the mail.
-Call congregation members, reach out to them with a wish of blessing and invite them to the ZOOM service.