Unity Church of cjackson embraces a talanted musicions of singer, painist and strings. Music-Program

       The music program at Unity Church of Jackson is very blessed to have one of Unity's members, Jack Choate, as our Music Worship Leader.  Jack is also accompanied by fellow choir members in leading the congregation in singing various hymns and songs.

        Unity Church of Jackson has currently formed a Music Team and we are working on including more Christian music that appeals to the Young-At-Heart, so we can attract more young people into our church.  We will continue to provide music for people who enjoy the classic hymns to sing and enjoy.  No one will be excluded from "making a joyful noise to the Lord."

Our piano player is David Peshlakai, who also plays the Cello.  David continues to study at Hillsdale College and is moving towards a degree in music.

Come and experience David on the Grand Piano and Cello.

Come celebrate with us in worshiping the Holy Spirit within your being
and feel Spirit move you!
N T Y  Church of Jackson, Michigan
Mr. Jack Choate, II
Mr. David Peshlakai