Crystal Bed 

 Jill Genttner

  Jill is a registered Nurse who is also a Medical Medium Practitioner, Shaman, Reiki Practitioner, and a Medical Qigong Practitioner. 

​ She traveled to Brazil and met the healer "John of God" and returned with a Crystal Bed that reflects light through crystals that correlate with the colors of your Chakra's. It is said this crystal bed helps to rejuvenate your cells, and has many other benefits; balancing and opening your Chakra's.

Jill Genttner

Astrological Consulting
 by Virginia King

                                             “At our deepest Level – we are all One. You
                                              could say, we all live in the same 360
                                              degrees of Life.”....Virginia King

                                       Astrology is the study of elements in space
                                       which are an orderly weave that builds
                                       section of unique patterns, a tapestry that
                                       becomes part of a universal quilt. The heavens are a moving quilt, a mosaic, and on the day of your birth, you joined the universal tapestry and all the heavens smiled upon you during your first breath. A welcoming kiss followed - that imprinted the unique universal energy of the position of heavens: planets, moons, and stars at that moment.

      I believe this universal kiss held a road map, gifted to you, giving clues about yourself. Clues, when seen with the eyes of the spirit within you, and with the ideals of your inner Source - can help you and create a deeper understanding of yourself. Astrology helps us to see our paths and gives clues to our purpose... what if you were to embrace the kiss from the heavens? - you may be amazed at your new insights....

       Virginia has studied Astrology from 1971 to present, and has taught and lectured and served as an administrator in the Academy of Astrology in Lansing, spanning two decades (1980 to 1090), and continues to practice in the area as an Astrological Consultant.

Fee: $1.00 per minute, with a minimum of 15 minutes (a max of 30-40 minutes per consultation). Note: It takes 5 minutes to construct an Astrological Chart. Prices can be negotiated based on needs.
Intuitive, Mediums (messages & Guidance from Loved ones) and Psychic Readings

Carolyn Rose
Spiritual Medium

Messages & Guidance
from Loved Ones.

   I am Rev. Carolyn Rose, a Spiritual/Psychic Medium for over 35 years gifted in Clairvoyance – clear seeing, Clairaudience-clear hearing, and Clairsentience – clear sensing. I work closely with Spirit Guides to give accurate and insightful readings. I love sharing  my gifts to help others connect to their loved ones who have crossed over into the spiritual realm to promote healing, and an awareness that life is eternal. I am quite aware of the universal life force that dwells within us and aspire to be and show that our oneness is connected through Love..

       I became aware of my gifts at the age of nine, and dedicated my life to helping others gain an understanding that the universal connecting force of life as Love. I offer guidance to all seekers on the path of human life.

      I studied at Arthur Findlay College, in the United Kingdom (a college of Spiritualism and psychic science), and studied with a renowned spiritual intuitive including Tony Stockwell, Mavis Pittilla and Glen Edwards.  I also served as President of the Independent Spiritualist Association of America between 2010 - 2015, and I am an Elder of the "Grand River Ottawa Tribe". I am looking forward to meeting you and giving new inspirations.

     I will be offering Intuitive development classes at Unity,

Carolyn Rose

       John Anthony specializes in Aura Reader and usines a cutting edge equipment that captures the reflexology points on your hand. This specialized equipment senses your aura through the reflexology points of your hand.. Your Aura is the essence of who you are  and are seen as varying colors. Often these colors are signatures of energy holding a lessons you 

are learning and sometimes the healing taking place in your life. ​ John's session includes three interpretations:

  1) The colors above you which is the energy being provided to help you with
      your lessons. 

  2) The colors you are standing on which reflects the events happening in
       your life today, 

  3) The colors around you which relates to your life lessons.  

  John Anthony is also an accomplished Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Color and Sound Therapy, and an Ordained Minister.
Massage and Body Work Modalities

Reiki master at work
Aura Reader

     Since I was a little girl, I loved giving massage to family and friends. I could feel the tension in their body leave under my hands.

      I studied music, play the piano and guitar and sing inspirational music. I also entered the field of social work, before answering a call for therapeutic massage. I am always moved when I feel a person relax under my hands.

 I have been a massage therapist for 14 years and touch my purpose when I hear the stress of a clients voice melt away as they let go of emotional burdens.

  Today I mix my own essential oils, and use a rainbow technique which combines massage, reflexology and essential oils. I am also a Reiki Master.

 I always felt my hands were meant to sooth people under the cool shade of a shared presents of unconditional Love. My gift of massage is me embracing Life.  Life is beautiful! 

  517 789-6061 
Inpegrissage building, 1312 Warren Ave,
 Jackson, Mi. 

       Robbin Vercande

Spirit Guide
(Messages from Spirit)

       Robin taps into where we are all connected. Your spirit guides talk to her spirit guides and show her pictures in her crystal ball. With over 40 years of experience giving readings Robin offers an authentic and beautiful message. Everything she does is done with love!

​Contact Robin for more information at>
      Beatrice Raynor



Well-Being Teas
Essential Oils,
 Beads, Books & More 

N Y  Church of Jackson, Michigan
Take US-127 South to Monroe/Vandercook Lake Exit.  Turn LEFT onto Napoleon Road/M50 East.  Turn RIGHT onto Miles Road.  Unity Church is down just a short way on the RIGHT.  

Solfeggio Tuning

Sound Energy from Tuning Forks that Transform


 Rael walks in light and love in service to the Creative Principle and Divine

unfoldment.  ​ She is a Non-Denominational Minister, Universal Oneness Ambassador/Spiritual counselor, and assists others to remember their true essence. She is also the founder of Joy Harmonics that offers light, color and sound energy weaving sessions. 

Rael is certified in the techniques of Solfeggio tuning, which uses sound energy from tuning forks to transform blocks at the casual emotional/mind level and also transforms energy at the physical body level.

A truly pleasant, loving and relaxing experience while the Solfeggio tones are bringing your body, nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmony and balance. It is a cellular massage that can re-activate dormant DNA allowing one to access higher levels of consciousness.
Well-being and Energy Tuning Modalities
Sandra Davidson is a an intuitive medium and metaphysical minister who can hear and see Spirit. 

   I look forward to meeting you to connect with loved ones who have passed and explore your new beginnings.


Sandra Davidson
Intuitive Medium and Metaphysical Minister

      Jill is a Reiki Master who’s been practicing for over 2 years. She is also a registered dental hygienist and has been guiding people in nutrition for over 15 years. Most recently she has started her own loose leaf tea business, The Divine Lotus Tea Room & Spa. She has a passion for herbal and holistic health and is currently enrolled in the Natural Health Educator Program at the Naturopathic Institute in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  

         David is also a Reiki master and has been practicing Reiki for over ten years. David has experience working with individuals in person or at a distance. David formerly was the host of NSEN, an internet radio show, that provided Reiki to individuals who called into the show. David also connects with the ascended masters and archangels sharing and he shares this gifts with you. Not only will you receive Reiki, but David will also share psychic messages that he receives for you. Together we will take you on a journey through a loving environment restoring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. 
 We look forward to spending some time with you. 

Our practitioners (see below) were chosen under great consideration, for their specialized gifts and skills. They are all well practiced in hearing the inner Wisdom. Our church, and our practitioners encouraged you to discover your gifts and innate inner Wisdom.   Look within when you are at peace, calm, or during meditation. Be open to soft, gentle, unassuming, voice, sometimes a feeling, a sense, an inspiration and a moment of clarity followed by joy.

Which Practitioner do I choose?
We are all intuitive human beings and our intuition often speaks to us through our feeling.
Notice your feeling as you scroll down.
Trust that better feeling is leading you to your practitioner.

Practitioners fees vary between $1.00 per minute (min of 20 minutes) and $40.00 for 30 minutes. There are also 20 minute readings for $30.00. Many practitioners are negotiable in their fees.  

For entertainment purposes only

Reiki Master that helps the body relax
       I teach and preach at the Fort Wayne metaphysical Chapel I do oracle card readings I use a pendulum to communicate with spirit I'm a spiritual man that has seen as spoke to Spirit my whole life I'm blessed with gifts and abilities and I'm here to serve Humanity. 


Rusty Piazza
Tarot Card 
(​Intuitive medium)
Holistic & spiritual about Psychics, mediums, Energy tuning, Vendors..
 Reiki Master Duo

David Pollick & Jill Kazee

Four hands Are Better than Two

Jill's sensitive touch and Davids intuitive preminations -  when combined with Reiki, make a powerful, dynamic and moving experience.


                                            Come experience Reiki with Jill Kazee and David Pollack! Reiki is a form of energetic healing in which hands are placed                                             just off the body or lightly touching the body, as in “laying on of hands”. This energy will then be channeled into your body
                                     bringing about deep relaxation that will help promote a calm and peaceful sense of well‐being on all levels. Some people feel
                                     sensations of heat, tingling, or experience seeing colors, while others may have an emotional response, indicating that shifts
                                     are taking place, allowing harmony to be restored.