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U N T Y   Church of Jackson, Michigan
Board of Directors
Vice President  Mark Evers
PH: (517) 817-2290
 Treasurer Virginia King
PH: (517) 862-0898
President Sandra duMonde
PH: (269) 271-0909
"I can do things you cannot; you can do things I cannot.
Together, we can do great things." 

~ Mother Teresa
Appointed to Board: November 2019
End of current Term: March 2021
Elected to 2nd Term: February 2019
End of current Term: February 2022
Appointed to Board: December 2020
End of current Term: February 2023

September 24, 2020

Dear Congregant:

As we all continue to navigate through these unusual (and sometimes challenging!) life circumstances, the Board of Directors of Unity Church of Jackson extends its blessings and prayers for wholeness and prosperity to all members of the congregation.

We are following our inner guidance to a gradual “re-opening’ of the church to Sunday activities. We recognize that we are not returning to “normal” operations; we are seeking a “new normal” that still honors our church by-laws and as much of our tradition as can maintain. Our first big step is to launch a new member program. We have been blessed to have several newer congregants regularly attending our Sunday services and/or our Sunday evening “ZOOM” calls, plus volunteering their help in various areas of maintenance and leadership. They have expressed an interest in becoming voting members and we are responding with the following plan:

1)Application forms for new members (and for former members in good standing who may desire reinstatement of membership) will be made available in person and online, with the qualifications for membership clearly stated.
2)An “orientation” will be presented as the “lesson” for Sunday October 4, at the regular 11:00 am service. (The lesson will serve as an overview of the history and principle teachings of Unity for all attendees, whether current members or first-time visitors to the church. This service will be recorded. All applicants are expected to attend the orientation—or, if they cannot attend they can request a copy of the recording to fulfill this requirement.
3)The Board of Directors will meet during the week following the orientation to approve the candidates for membership (and/or reinstatement of membership). All candidates will be notified of this approval by phone or email.
4)A special membership acceptance ceremony will be conducted at the regular 11:00 AM service on Sunday, October 11, where all new and reinstated members will be introduced and welcomed into full voting membership.

Depending on the status of the safety guidelines for the Covid-19 pandemic, we will consider having a reception for new members and a Town Hall meeting as soon as feasible. The Town Hall meeting would be open to all congregants to discuss a variety of topics and solicit input and ideas that may lead to a need for an actual membership meeting to be scheduled later, with proper advance notice to all members.

In the meantime, the Board invites all congregants to consider coming to these and future Sunday services as soon as they feel comfortable doing so. We also continue to welcome comments, suggestions, ideas, and observations by phone or email. We are grateful for all financial support (in-person, by mail, or online) as we strive to keep the doors of the church open during the upcoming winter months. And we are still looking for volunteer skills to support church projects, such as roof repairs, deep cleaning of the building interior and exterior, computer support, bookkeeping support, website maintenance; enewsletter promotions, fund-raising; and other behind-the-scenes activities.  

Again, please know that we hold you in love and light, and we acknowledge the Christ within each of us doing its mighty work in all our lives!

Board of Directors, Unity Church of Jackson

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Secretary Daniel Champion
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Appointed to Board: January 2021
End of current Term: February 2023
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